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Higgins signs up to be partners with Enabling Enterprise and encourages the enterprise skills of the next generation

Posted: 06/05/2016

A group of 20, year 5 pupils from Alderton Junior School, Loughton recently paid a visit to Higgins’ head office to take part in an Enabling Enterprise educational event. Higgins has recently signed up to become a partner of Enabling Enterprise and plans to hold a series of educational days this year at head office and on construction sites.

Enabling Enterprise works in partnership with schools and employers to bring the world of work into classrooms through lesson-time projects and challenge days. The trips are an invaluable ways of broadening children’s’ aspirations and making the connection between classroom learning and real life.

Jeff Joseph, Community Investment Manager for Higgins Construction commented, “As an organisation we are extremely focused at empowering students to develop their enterprise skills and understand how these skills can be transferred into the world of work. We are delighted to be working with Enabling Enterprise, who have helped over 100,000 students over the last five years.”

The pupils from Alderton Junior School took part in a ‘Terrific Towers’ problem solving and team work event designed to help students build practical skills and develop their understanding of the world of work.

As part of the session the children were divided into teams and worked on the challenge to design a brand new tower to mark the city’s sky-line. The design had to be inspired by an object or shape and the students had to ensure that the design stayed within their construction budget when choosing what resources to use, such as newspaper, sello-tape, felt-tips and scissors. Students then had to decide on whether their tower was for business, residential or tourist use and how much to spend on their fit-out budget, before finally preparing to share their work at the construction fair.

Mike Zatyka, Development Manager at Enabling Enterprise commented, “We are delighted that Higgins Construction has signed up to be one of our partners. We have already held a successful day at their site, Kings Crescent in Hackney in February and are delighted to be able to offer it again to pupils close to Higgins’ head office. The opportunity for students to work alongside adults who are not their parents or teachers is also hugely important in developing students’ confidence and aspirations.”

The Enabling Enterprise programmes are designed to focus on eight core skills that are essential building blocks in a student’s education: teamwork and leadership; listening and presenting; aiming high and staying positive; problem solving and creativity.

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