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Apprenticeship achieved for Higgins Construction employee

Posted: 01/12/2016

With the Government’s commitment to increasing the quality and quantity of apprenticeships in England, reaching three million starts in 2020, one keen apprentice has just achieved his apprenticeship in carpentry through Higgins Construction.

Shane Chapman aged 20, has just gained his NVQ Level Two in carpentry through Waltham Forest College and is now hoping to start is NVQ Level Three.

Shane comments, “I was studying carpentry at Waltham Forest College when I was approached by Higgins Construction to join their apprenticeship scheme at Banbury Park in Walthamstow. Working on site as well as studying has really opened my eyes to how everything works in the industry and not just learning in the classroom. Seeing something being built from scratch and being part of it has made me much more interested in carpentry and wanting to further my training.

“My apprenticeship has meant I am working four days on site and have one day at college. The assessors them come to site and will take photos and watch me complete parts of my course, such as hanging doors. I highly recommend this route to anyone thinking about it.”

As an organization Higgins Construction is extremely committed to employing apprentices from the local area. Banbury Park is one of a number of contracts with London Borough of Waltham Forest which will help contribute to the borough’s targets of taking on 213 apprentices. So far 135 have already been secured and 321 work placements, of which 204 have been confirmed.

Rytis Vaiksnoras, Business Development Manager for London Borough of Waltham Forest comments, “We know that we have some incredibly talented young people in Waltham Forest and we want to do all we can to help our young people develop the skills they need to embark on successful careers in construction sector.

“We are incredibly proud that Shane Chapman accomplished his apprenticeship with Higgins Construction. He is a very good example of how local authority work jointly with developers and training providers to secure opportunities for young residents.”

Education and training raises the level of skills available in the economy, as well as driving productivity and national prosperity. Economic benefits are generated when education and training helps individuals to achieve a higher level of qualification, increasing their employment prospects, productivity and wages.

According to the Government’s 2020 Vision[1] these benefits translate into significant monetary returns for individuals over a working life. These add up to between £48,000 and £74,000 for level 2 apprenticeships; and between £77,000 and £117,000 for level 3 apprenticeships. Those completing an apprenticeship at level 4 or above could earn £150,000 or more over a lifetime.

Tony Millidge, Construction Director at Higgins Construction commented, “We are extremely pleased to see Shane reach his apprenticeship. Apprenticeships deliver important benefits to employers and it is an excellent way of encouraging the younger generation to consider a career in construction.”

Banbury Park is the design and construction of 351 residential units for Circle. The units consist of two to five stories and there is also retail space, office space, community space, crèche and associated parking.

The proposals involve the regeneration of the under-utilised existing industrial land which is part of the Blackhorse Lane street scene in Waltham Forest. This site will be redeveloped to provide new homes, retail units, B1 spaces, and additional community facilities.

The development will create new public realm areas and improve accessibility to the area.

The aim is to create a residential led, mixed use development that successfully regenerates the industrial landscape and provides the space and facilities necessary for modern urban living.

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