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Posted: 17/04/2012

Higgins Construction is working with Tim Lynch Associates, Landscape Architects for the elderly and dementia who have been commissioned by Signature Senior Livingfor their new site at Brentwood, Essex. The new care home is located next to a nature trail and park and was formally the site of 5 private homes.

One of these homes had an extensive garden and it is to this garden space that the new care home of 70 care rooms and 15 dementia care rooms; will be linked. The garden will have a mixture of woodland walks and natural springs that then leads down to the more formal garden.

The garden will retain its raised beds formed from granite blocks to form a garden club area for the more active. This then leads down to a pergola walkway, with raised water rill, to provide sound and touch to the garden.

Seating areas in both sun and shade have been located along all footpaths, which lead of the main central patio. Quite secluded areas to enjoy the sounds of the garden and the environment have been positioned within the woodland. For those not able to easily walk to the garden club area, a further smaller raised bed area with greenhouse leads of the main activity patio area.

The garden is fully secure, which will allow residents with dementia to enjoy the garden spaces. The garden has been design with a sense of normal appearance withclear land marking and self mapping locations.

There is ample opportunity for families to enjoy the garden of all ages, with play space for children and for programmed and non programmed activity.

Construction has started on site by Higgins Construction and it is planned for the home to be open in the middle of 2013.

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