Ryan Manning


I have enjoyed all my time here at Higgins Construction. I work in an open plan office where there is a really friendly, social atmosphere with great people. Higgins is a family run business and has retained strong family values which makes it a great place to work.

Ryan began his career with Higgins Construction in the Summer of 2007. Ryan relishes a challenge and that is what prompted him to contact Higgins in the first place. He has successfully balanced both the demands of college and University studies whilst also working four days a week with Higgins and was awarded 1st Class Honours in Construction Management in August 2014 after seven years of studying.

In this eight year period, Higgins have continuously provided support to Ryan by funding his studies. Something many University graduates can only dream about! This is in recognition of the high hopes that Higgins have for Ryan and the potential he has demonstrated

In his time with Higgins he has progressed at a fast rate. With more responsibility given in each new role.  He began by shadowing five senior estimators within a two year period in his role as trainee estimator. The opportunity to learn from those around him is something that he values immensely and enabled him to progress to an assistant estimator within a short period of time.

He was also given the opportunity to broaden his knowledge by working with the CSR department for a 6 month period in the role of Systems Co-ordinator. He worked on company KPI’s conducting audits on sites for waste and energy consumption. This is a role that he relished and provided him with the opportunity to work on active sites, which was in stark contrast to his work as an Estimator. This also enabled Ryan to notice how the little things could make a huge difference and how important attention to detail is in construction.

In his current role as an Estimator, he is responsible for calculating the cost for the whole scheme. This requires regular collaboration with a number of subcontractors which although it can be challenging, is something that he enjoys. It is also evident that the strong relationships that he has acquired with his colleagues is clearly very important to him.


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